And we’re off….

As it stands I’m five weeks away from completing my MBA.  I really wanted to wait about starting the podcast until after I finished that, but there is just too much happening in the world of sports next week to miss out on the opportunity to start now, right in time for the start of the NFL season!  Next Saturday September 10th is also UFC 203 (Miocic vs Overeem), which could also be CM Punk’s UFC debut, but currently reports are saying he is still well above the 170 he needs to hit for welterweight status.  Sunday is the real kickoff for the NFL with our first full Sunday of games, and two games coming on Monday night.  The WWE has a PPV on Sunday as well, and Backlash marks the first Smackdown Live PPV since the brand split back in July.  Its just too much for a true sports fan not to be excited about.  I can’t wait to share my predictions with you guys and hear what you have to say!!!!