The Kid:  My love for sports and competition goes back as far as I can remember.  In elementary school I brought home a form to participate in pee-wee cheerleading & football, with the idea that I would be playing football.  You can imagine my surprise and the ensuing tantrum that took place as a second grader, when to my dismay I was handed pom-poms and skirt the first day of practice.  Although, being grouped by gender should have been a clear indicator, even at that age, that this endeavor would not lead to me rocking pads and helmet.  Luckily, I would become decent at cheerleading, and it would serve as a free ticket to the sidelines of every home football and basketball game.  After traveling with my dad as he umpired for years, I eventually started playing softball in middle school, and sports became a year round endeavor.  When I wasn’t cheering or actually playing, I was keeping stats, so I’m likely a bit more knowledgeable than the average pom-pom waving alum.

The Adult: Unfortunately my clumsiness was greater than my athleticism, and like the majority I will never be a professional athlete.  I’m perfectly happy with my role as an avid and die hard fan.  Yes, I have my teams (obviously the Packers are one of them), but I honestly love competition and sports in general.  If there’s a big time sporting event regardless of the sport, odds are I’m watching.  I’m even a huge fan of WWE, and no I’m not a closet fan.  I openly claim it as my guilty pleasure, but there’s no shame here.  We all know the outcomes are predetermined (unless someone botches the finish), but I’m a fan of the talent, skill, and athleticism these individuals display.  Not only are these superstars amazing athletes they are skilled performers and entertainers who don’t get nearly enough credit for the hard work and risks they take on a daily basis.

As stated I love all sports and respect talent and hard work, but we all have our favorites.

Pros:  Packers,  Predators, The Reds, & Grizzles

College:  Vandy & LSU are my teams, but I’m one of those SEC all the way fans.  Unlike a lot of people I want to know my team lost to the best, and playing against the best only makes you better in the long run.

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